Thursday, April 25, 2013

The vest

This vest used to be a jacket. (See outfit post here.) I just transformed it into a vest so that I can use it more often this summer. I like how it turned out!

Wrangler DIY vest and jeans | Topman shirt | Vans sneakers

The jeans I'm wearing here actually belongs to my dad. I just have it altered for it to fit me perfectly. This type of jeans is a timeless piece- you can wear it anytime because it never gets out of style! It's also very versatile- it can pass off as casual and formal wear!

PS. I only used my iPhone 4s (turned on the HDR settings) in taking these photos and I was really surprised with the quality! My MMC's experiencing a major trouble in it's life right now. I hope *it* gets through it. I have lots of un-transferred photos there and I'm having a getaway tonight so I really need it! MUST. BUY. SPARE. ASAP.


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