Monday, April 22, 2013

Instagram February 2013

Posting this a little too late! Internet connection here at home is so slow it makes me lazy to blog.

 1.) Found a vintage jean jacket while fixing my wardrobe.

2.) Choosing what pairs to bring with me on my retreat.

3.) Dinner at the newly-opened Army Navy at Dapitan (around UST)!

4.) Throwback Thursday: Bruno Mars live in Manila April 2011! I hope he comes back soon! He's definitely one of my most favorite international popstars. His voice is beyond amazing. For me, he sings better live than on record!

5.) Had a 3-day retreat at CCT, Tagaytay. The place was very scenic! (Click this to see the whole place.)

6.) Wearing the jean jacket (aka OFW jacket) during our second day. Full outfit post here.

7.) Taken on the third and last day of retreat! I miss the cool weather of Tagaytay! Full outfit post here.

8.) Beautiful rainbow on the last day at CCT. Wonderful creation!

9.) Pineapple, Mango and Blueberry Tarts. NOM!

10.) My friend Valerie celebrated her birthday at her Aunt's beautiful residence. Such a nice place to chill and relax! It was located near Tagaytay so the weather was cool. So imagine us freezing after getting out of the pool!

11.) Scrumptious food! Everything here was very delightful. My tummy was very pleased.

12.) Gangnam-ing on air. We so cool!


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