Monday, April 29, 2013

I refuse to sink

What I wore on our first day in Ilocos! Travelling means a lot of walking so wear the most comfortable shoes. This pair was definitely made for the said activity - it's also light and stylish! According to Crocs' website, it is made of special Patented Closed Cell Resin (PCCR). It is anti-microbial in nature which means that it's bacteria and fungus resistant. No to shoe and foot odor! Unlike sandals and other shoes, these cover and protect your feet yet provide proper ventilation. Air, sand, and water easily pass through the vents. No need to remove them while on the beach!

And who would have thought Bench would produce shirts as these?! I mean the brand (and the price lol) improved a lot! I only used to buy jeans from there because of affordability and I'm not really liking their shirts before. But now I guess I'll visit the store more often! This shirt definitely goes to my most favorites!

SM Accessories wayfarers | Bench shirt and shorts | Crocs shoes

Ilocos Day 1 coming up soon! Stay tuned! :D


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