Monday, April 8, 2013

Beach perfect

Here's a perfect getup for an island getaway!

You can still wear at least 2 layers of clothing as long as the materials are light like the ones I'm wearing here -- tank and plaid polo. Hindi po ito tiis porma, okay? I let my button down unbuttoned for more airflow. Hashtag no to baskil (basang kili-kili)! You can remove the polo and show your batak body to everyone around (but mine is yet to be in that state so mag polo muna :p)

Fedora hats are a-must this summer. Though I don't usually wear them, I still gave it a try. The big-framed eyeglasses (na wala namang glass) is just a prop, meh. No, this would work if you want a nerd-pero-hot look. Ho ho ho

As usual, I stocked some bracelets and even wore a necklace. Also, the shorts I'm wearing here is actually an old pair of jeans. I say you guys do the same para di sayang ang lumang jeans! It's so easy to do -- just get a pair of scissors and cut the jeans according to your desired length, and voila! Instant summer shorts.

H&M buttondown | Folded and Hung jeans turned into shorts | Cravemore necklace | Bling It On bracelets | Swatch shoes | From Divisoria hat and frames

Divisoria should make me their brand ambassador. They actually have a facebook page! Like it here.

Hope you're enjoying the summer heat!


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