Monday, August 6, 2012

Keep it casual

Awkward hand

Giordano polo shirt | Topman jacket (aka my lakas maka-professor jacket) | F&H jeans | Vans shoes | Axis watch

Sunday family day at the mall. Was only wearing polo shirt and jeans combo (my usual wears) but then it started to rain heavily so I had to grab this jacket to keep myself warm! Decided to pair my white tee with distressed jeans and sneakers to keep the look from being too formal.

Today marks the start of our prelim week so I stayed up late last night to finish reviewing for my exam only to find out that classes will be suspended again in UST! Well I think I’m getting old because class suspensions don’t make me happy at all. Reason is that I’m already in 4th year college so I’m making the most out of it! But of course, they made a right decision for suspending the classes because rain keeps on falling and getting harder! Safety of the students before anything else!

To those who are in a safe place: let’s all be thankful and say a little prayer for those who don’t have a shelter and are affected by the heavy downpour. Safety reminders: Make sure that your cell phones are fully charge! If not, charge them while there’s still a power supply - you’ll be needing them in case of emergency (click this for emergency hotlines). Prepare all the basic needs in case of brownout - flashlights and candles. Stay home, stay dry, be safe everyone! Bawal magka-sakit! (Mag-clusivol)


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