Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas photo diary

I’ll tell you the happenings on Christmas Day through photos :)

This is my Lola Ine’s house. Every Christmas, her house is always the first place we go to. We’ll have lunch and bonding moments there together with our other relatives.

Thanks to my tripod we were able to have pictures altogether!

Palakihan ng tiyan LOLLLLL

Pick the odd haha dad’s not wearing his red shirt!! Grrrrr

At night, we celebrate an annual reunion with my relatives at mom’s side. This time, it was held at Shell Gasoline Station owned by one of my relatives. 

Uber cute baby Travis!!!!

Production number time!

Girls dancing in the tune of Kendeng-Kendeng

Kids dancing to the beat of Shembot

I love this pic! Very candid + it’s a blind shot! Taken by yours truly :)

After exhange gift. What a very organized picture. VERY.

We assigned respective colors for each family. This year’s colors were Yellow, Orange and Red.

Tried some bulb photography before going home. But twas obviously fail haha my sister didn’t get out of Janine’s back!

So that’s how my Christmas Day went! I thank God for the good weather, for the food, for the guidance, for my family and relatives, for everything. Really a fun-filled day, as always. How did you spend your Christmas? :)

PS. I need to take extra effort to burn all the calories I take! 


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