Saturday, December 31, 2011

Varsitarian 2011 photo diary

Celebrated the last Friday of the year with family and friends thru an event called Varsitarian. Varsitarian is a social gathering of all college students in our town that aims to present these students to everyone. This year is it’s 63rd anniversary celebration, and it is only now that I’ve got the chance to be included since the president is my friend, Kevin. I want to congratulate everyone who have been part of this year’s Varsitarian. All our hardworks in practicing for our dance were paid off! Last night’s event was definitely very successful!

Our dance instructor told us to wear John Lloyd-inspired outfit. But why on earth am I the only one who followed? Haha

With my partner, Pierre! :)

The most decent (NOT) of all the pictures my 9-year-old captured while we’re dancing.

Here’s my cousin, Cielo :)

With my friend Lot, Varsitarian 2010 muse and my shitty face

Silent Sanctuary performing their greatest hits such as Ikaw Lamang.

New year is coming in less than 24 hours! It has been an upside-down year for me but I’m really thankful for everything that happened may it be good or bad. I’m just praying for a better 2012 not only for myself but also for all of you :) Let’s all welcome the new year with a bang! Take care!

PS. School is approaching in 4 days!


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