Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

Be my date this christmas eve
Be my holiday, my dream
Llay your head on me
I got you babe
Kissing underneath the tree,
I don’t need no presents girl you’re everything I need
Let me give you all of me to you, together on this christmas eve…

What a perfect song for Christmas Eve. Know why? Cuz it’s title is Christmas Eve! Lol anywayy, went to church for the last of the 9 Christmas masses (I was able to complete it again! How about you?) then headed to a relative’s house for a simple Noche Buena then went home. We always spend our Noche Buena with relatives and it’s always a simple dinner. Personally, I like simple celebrations more than the elegant ones. As long as my family is complete, I’m more than satisfied :)

Creepy eyes! My sister always took VERY decent photos (insert sarcasm here lol) but I just have to include this one haha

….wait, I think my sister is good. Whatcha think? This was a candid shot btw! :)


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