Monday, December 23, 2013


Is it really Christmas Eve already?? It’s the time of the year again to wolf out on scrumptious Noche Buena without feeling any guilt! Well I never feel guilty whenever I eat, lol. Some may have prepared for this night, like working out or skipping meals but me? I am always conscious about my body size but I don’t do things to prevent myself from gaining weight. But I’m claiming that 2014 will be the time for me to be… hot.

Terranova cardigan | Bench shirt | Jag jeans | Vans shoes

Yuletide season is about festive colors namely Red, Green and Yellow, to name a few. Red is definitely my bias as injecting this color to your outfit makes it look more Christmas-y. Can you imagine this look without the red cardigan?

Hype this on lookbook here.

NYS Collection sunglasses | Cotton On shirt | Bench jeans | Vans shoes

Sporting a varsity player look with my red jeans! What do you think?

This Christmas, let’s not forget the people in Visayas who lost their homes and loved ones. Surely, their Christmas wouldn’t be as happier as before but if we continue to include them in our prayers and with the continuous support from people around the globe, then we can help make their Christmas better.


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