Monday, October 7, 2013


Got no words to say coz we lost the 2nd game of the Finals! LOL but believe me, Tigers get braver and growl louder when wounded so you better brace yourselves Archers! Haha Game 3 on Saturday and I’m really hoping that UST Growling Tigers will be able to bring the crown back to EspaƱa! PLEASE

Hype this on lookbook here.

Don’t you just love the statement on my shirt? This is by far my most favorite UST shirt; it’s full of school spirit! Also, Katy Perry should see this and be proud! LOL but I can’t help but think that her song Roar is especially made for us… Cannot unsee.

Of course I had to wear some of the ballers I've gathered throughout the years! (Maka throughout naman ako!) All-out supporter here!

Forever 21 Men cap (thanks Nikki and Kim!) | UST shirt and ballers | Casio watch (thanks Oya and Cherrie!) Jag jeans | Vans shoes

But I was still beyond happy despite our lost coz I've finally had my OOTD taken in front of this UST standee! #babaw Feels so good to strike one entry off your bucket list! Part of my list is to bathe myself in the fountain behind me! Coz you know, #YOLO Pascual


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