Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I managed to style an outfit in two different ways that's perfect from day to night events!

Folded and Hung plaid polo (Thanks Myca and Alyssa for this!) | Artwork shirt (Thanks April!) | Wrangler jeans | Vans shoes | Casio watch

Here's the first look that's very fitting for a getaway during the day! The vibrant colors and the loud prints on my shirt gave life to the whole getup and made it more youthful! It's also very chill and relax but still trendy. You can wear your plaid polo in two different ways; either by wearing it with an undershirt on or by tying it around your waist like a professional hipster.

Hype this on lookbook here.

The second look is more formal and grown up - you can wear this to a dinner or night out with friends! Ditched the shirt, buttoned-up the polo and changed into a more formal shoes to make everything cohesive. What do you think?


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