Thursday, August 29, 2013

New year came early

Not sure if New Year came early or I’m taken back to the 80s where polka dots was big trend. I’m not even sure if this print is the current craze as I don’t really tend to keep up with the latest; and I guess that’s what sets me apart from the other style blogs. I wear what I want to wear regardless of “what’s in” today. And what’s good about not following the up-to-date style trend is you can wear your clothes over and over again (nothing wrong in wearing the same clothes, just style them differently) even if you bought them some Jurassic years ago.

But I happen to see at least 3 people wearing the same print when I went to my high school alma matter for it’ 30th Alumni Homecoming last Sunday. Coincidentally, one of my friends is one of them so imagine us walking together as if we’re set to have a production number.

Don't you just love how, even if you don't see each other often, your friendship with your high school buddies never gets over. Probably because, according to one article, "...high school  friendships don’t die.   They are built on very solid innocent ground." "Our high school friends are precious to us, a vital part of our lives, a tender spot in our hearts, until the day we die.  They are the friends who quite naturally last forever." Don't get me wrong, I also treasure my elementary and college friends but there's just something with my high school friends that make them a little more special among the rest.

Uniqlo shirt | I need more printed, short sleeved button-ups like this. They're perfect for casual/lazy days. No much styling is needed as it already looks good as it is. 

Coach pants | W. Brown shoes

Hype this on lookbook here.

PS. My lolo was released from the hospital earlier today but please do continue to pray for the betterment of his health condition. Thanks heaps! 


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