Monday, July 8, 2013

It's too cold outside

If there’s one thing I would want to be permanent on earth, it would have to be the cool weather. It may be a bed-weather-kinda-day and make our asses even lazier but who will say no to this? Also, it makes sipping a cup of hot coffee more enjoyable! Not to mention we can layer clothes without worrying about sweating like a pig! And that’s what exactly I did during this day.

Sweater and jacket combo since it was too cold outside because of the heavy rains and I was bound to a cool place! That couldn't get any cooler! 

Folded and Hung sweater | Penshoppe shorts

Satchel may not look so manly for some but with proper color and way of wearing it (diagonally across your shoulder or hiding the shoulder strap and holding it from the hand strap like a true corporate man) it wouldn't look so feminine. Thanks Foztin for this bag! I like that it's not too big but spacious enough to fit my basic needs! It can also pass off as a school bag. Very functional!

Watch from Swatch. This was my birthday gift to myself! It just have to be in my favorite Navy Blue.

Anchor bracelet aka my new favorite accessory! I have an anchor fetish so this is really a treasure! Thank you Cla and Katt for this! Available at The Bead Shop.

Jag motor jacket | Shoelution shoes


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