Sunday, July 14, 2013

21: the party

I’m still not used in saying “21” everytime people ask me about my age or whenever I have to fill out something age-related. I feel so old! I know I don’t have to feel that way coz we are all young until before 40, the age where life gets started according to some, but I just couldn’t help myself, lol.

But realizing that I’m not getting any younger, the 21-year-old me is quite pressured to meet my goals, to be successful, to write off entries in my bucket list, among others. I know as early as today, I have to save already for my future, and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I swear end-of-season sales are as hard to resist as eating chocolates, but trust me I’m struggling to resist temptations.

It’s been two weeks since my 21st birthday celebration and my birthday itself and it always, always makes me smile everytime I reminisce the memories of my party (parang ang tagal na) through photographs and videos coz I know it was a blast. Anyhow, I’ll let you see what happened last June 29!

Meet my dancer alter-ego. I’m a frustrated performer so I had to perform to at least fulfill my dreams, haha. Had there be a degree in being a celebrity, such as Bachelor of Arts in Star Magic artist, I would have taken it without thinking twice.

I would like to thank my Paci Rhutmos (the official dance troupe of my college) friends for backing me up!

21 shots!

I wanted to wear something chill and less-dressy and thank heavens I stumble upon this shirt! I literally went to every corner of not just one mall but two, and found nothing. I was in search of something unique coz I’m worried I’ll have similar piece with one of my visitors (which might lead to confusion: who’s the real celebrator? LOL) I thought of going inside Landmark (I don’t usually go shopping in department stores) and found this. Quite pricey for a non-brand clothe but I couldn't get any happier with it! Paired it with sneakers instead of leather shoes coz I was sporting a pang-bar look. What do you think?

Singing with my cousin and sister!

21 hypes!

My last outfit is a bit formal but I made sure it’s youthful and preppy. Imagine if I was wearing plain button-down, black slacks and black leather shoes? It could look like I was off to a wedding or something. The printed shirt and khaki pants made all the difference. Porma > formal.

I would like to thank everyone who came despite the heavy downpour! Special thanks to my family especially to my mom and dad for handling all the expenses, haha. This event truly is one of the most memorable and most cherished!


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