Saturday, June 8, 2013

Instagram March 2013

Long overdue post of my instagram posts last March! I don't know why I kept this on my blog draft for a very long time lol anyhoo, this only include all the food I ate during March. Enjoy!

1.) Fish in Lemon Sauce. I like the balanced sweetness and sourness of this dish!

2.) Starbucks' new flavor (and my new favorite) Iced Asian Dolce Latte. Ginigising nito ang katawang lupa ko!

3.) One of those nights when we're too lazy to cook dinner. Charlie Chicken Pasta and my all-time favorite Manhattan Meat Lovers! I'm not sure if everyone is aware that Yellow Cab is a Filipino-owned pizza parlor?

4.) Medyo pa-healthy: Two types of cereals with fresh fruits for breakfast!

5.) Fruit platter. #medyopahealthyulit Just recently, I've been receiving comments that I lost weight. Yes I did lessen my rice consumption but it's weird that I get worried everytime people tell me I got slimmer. Crazy.

6.) Forgot the name of this but it's a brownie with whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate chips and cherry from KKK.

7.) Banana Split also from KKK. Nothing special though.

8.) A BOWL of halo-halo, and I mean BOWL! And no, it's not from Chow King lol. Perfect to compensate the heat! 

9.) Mouth-watering macarons at Tous Les Jours! I have yet to discover the best macaron though!

10.) Mom's birthday cake ♥

11.) Brownie Obsession from T.G.I. Friday's. The serving is really big - can be shared by at least 3 people!

12.) Cereals with fresh fruits and wheat bread with tuna dressing.

13.) Ka Chedeng's halo-halo - the best in our place! I actually thought of buying her recipe or start a partnership with her, build a restaurant at different places so that everyone can try it! Walang sinabi ang Razon's!

14.) Bacon and Cheese Pomodoro and

15.)  Super Papa Pizza from Papa John's. Date with mom :D

16.) Used the complimentary card that came with the Starbucks planner and had a customized drink called  Vanilla-Choco Java Chip with Coffee Jelly.

17.) Belgian Waffle with Strawberry Syrup <3

18.) Went back to Love Desserts right after finals! Had a mini-celebration of a friend's birthday. Mini coz we were only 3. Hahaha


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