Monday, June 10, 2013

Back 2 school

Gone are the days of staying up late doing non-sense stuff and waking up the other day later than the usual. Gone are all the free times we have in the world to watch our favorite series, films and tv shows. Those days of non-stop eating, unending happiness, pure petiks moments… School is here once again.

And someone’s not happy about this. LOL. I envy those who already graduated from school (aka tambay haha kidding, kidding) but I’m sure you guys miss the fun moments inside the four corners of the classroom. There’s nothing like going to classes and being with your best classmates. Nothing like listening (and sometimes, sleeping) to the discussions of your favorite professor.

June 3 was the official start of classes in my university but I only start going to class today. *insert watch out, we got a badass over here! meme* That’s because I had to finish my OJT duties first. Also because I know that there’s no school works (and professors) yet during the first week of school.

On to my look now! Since it’s back to school season, I introduce to you Ralph the school boy! Varsity jackets have always been associated with jejemons students so if you really want to look the part, this is a must! With proper styling, you won't be considered as a jeje LOL. It does not only functions as pang-porma but also a gear to combat the cool air produced by air conditioner inside the classroom and the cool breeze this rainy season gives us. If my school had no prescribed uniform, this would be my usual getup.

Amazing Playground varsity jacket | shirt borrowed from my brother | Bench jeans | Vans shoes

Enjoy school!!


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