Saturday, October 22, 2011

The hobby

Like what I’ve said in my first post, you may expect from this blog the subject photography. Taking pictures of different scenes is actually my hobby. It started during highschool and progressed when I got my dslr as an advance Christmas present on December 18, 2010 (thanks mom and dad!) I’m getting compliments from many people saying I’m really good in taking photos. Some are even joking that the ones I post on my facebook account were from Google haha! But I know I’m way way far from being a good photographer. I only know the basics— I still have to know more not only in taking good pictures but also in post-processing them.

Anyway, here are the shots on my collection:

This is actually our dog (we named him Taba because we cant think of any lol) who suffered from a severe illness. But would you believe me if I say that he was “reborn” before he got lost? He was healed by our vet by injecting something. After a couple of months his coat grew back, making him look like a Chow but sadly he got lost one day. Maybe someone “dog-napped” him because he got so fat people wanted to eat him :( We know he didn’t die, coz if he did, we should’ve seen him around the vicinity. Poor Taba. We should’ve not let him go outside our house.

Starbucks 2011 Planner

My second planner from Starbucks. Since I got my first, I said to myself that I should have the succeeding ones even just until the end of college. Took this using a Sony digicam.

Name that flower

Do you know what it’s called? Just saw this along the garden of my aunt last Christmas.


Name that flower 2

I just don’t know its name. It’s a familiar one though. Like seeing familiar faces but cant recognize who they are haha


Ignite the light

Hey Pussy!

Are you Antonio Banderas? lol

Sea lights by the sea shore

Though I wasn’t actually on a sea shore haha

Road to success

Vintage Wedding Car



Sky’s the limit

UST in full green

400 years of excellence

Sa paglubog ng araw ay ang pagsikat ng Tomasino

The last 2 photos were the ones i submitted to and they reblogged them! (though I think they reblog all the photos submitted to them. haha)

As you notice the photos are not in HD. I just downloaded them from my facebook cuz my original copies are…….. long story. But they are still with me. And sorry for the jologs title. i just suck on giving titles.

Me and my friend were actually planning of entering a photog class last summer vacation but sadly, it didn’t push through. Hopefully next summer!

Hope you like my photos! And I’m looking forward to add more in my collection. Have a happy Sunday! Don’t forget to attend mass! 


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