Monday, October 24, 2011

Ashley @ 18

Been attending celebrations for 2 consecutive weekends! 4 last weekend—engagement party on Saturday, fiesta, christening and birthday on Sunday. And just this Sunday, attended two—another christening where I was chosen to be the Godfather of Rev Elvin (he’s my 4th inaanak) and my friend Ashley’s debut party (which is the highlight of this post. Nuks) So I think there’s no chance for me to get slim at all huhu lol. But I try to jog every morning with my ate.

Anyway, let’s talk about Ashley’s debut. It was held at Blue Gardens in Commonwealth Avenue. Dad, uncle and I left home past 6 in the evening coz I am assured that the program won’t start immediately at 6:30. But we got lost on our way to the venue so I wasn’t able to witness how Ashley was introduced to the guests. The event started by having dinner (yes kainan na naman!) and we arrived just in time for that haha. I must say that this is one of the debuts I attended that served really delish food! After dinner, the program started.


Get so many for myself that I almost can’t contain them all haha

We have this on our table seat. Sosyal!

Ashley cutting her cake.

Meet jokjok!!

Goofing at the photobooth

Happy birthday Ashley!!

Wore black button down and blazer and paired it with jeans and skytop shoes cuz I don’t want to be too formal.

Like what I’ve said on my recent post, I really enjoy attending debuts. Well I guess the pictures can speak for me :)



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