Monday, October 24, 2011

Another pig out day

Went to Yakimix, MOA with friends last Thursday after we get our clearance. Time to stress out and unwind! Been eating a lot this vacation. As much as I want to go on a diet, I just can’t help it! What can I do? I enjoy eating haha. I jog every morning though :)

Get only few servings of each so I can taste everything on the buffet well except the sea foods. Damn allergies.

California Maki!

Kim and Cherrie

Nikki and me

Strawberry, Mango and Cookies and Cream ice cream!!

Get every single piece of this type of dessert haha delish? I say photogenic!!

Strawberry something haha forgot what it’s called prolly strawberry moose cake? idk!

Choco moose cake? Is that right? (Cris brown voice, look at me now lol)

We roamed around the mall after eating para bumaba yung kinain namin haha. Then went outside to get some fresh air. Wow? haha

Pulling up my shorts haha

but the highlight of the day was when Nikki’s shoes gave up on her! wow parang boyfriend lang haha so we went to Havaianas to buy flip flops.

then had some tea at Chatime. I suggest you guys try it!

As a result of too much walking, my feet hurt big time!!! I will never wear these in malling again! But I was still able to have a whole body picture hahaha!

Wearing my “shakey’s employee’s uniform” button down lol

Happy tummy, indeed!


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