Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY 3/4-sleeved shirt

My first ever DIY for my own clothe! I am thinking of doing this a long time but I’m too lazy to start and worrying about the result. But how will I know the outcome if I won’t try? Anyway, this is just a simple DIY.

Here are the materials I used:

Scissors and ruler

3/4s shirt. (is that how you call it?) This served as my pattern for the sleeves.

And of course the shirt I DIY-ed.

Step 1. I used the ruler to measure how long the sleeves of my 3/4s are.

Step 2. I then realized it’s much easier if I just put the 3/4s over the long sleeves and cut the excess of the latter from the former haha

Step 3. For the ruler to have its purpose, I used it for marking.

Step 4. After cutting, stretch the ends of the sleeves for them to have a “rolling edge”. Sorry for the terms I am using haha

And here’s the finish product:

I decided to turn the long sleeves into 3/4s because they hug my arms too much I can’t pull ‘em up! I am very satisfied with the result! Very simple process yet very fulfilling :)


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