Thursday, February 27, 2014


I've been wearing the prescribed school uniform in my whole academic life so when I learned that my work doesn't require uniform, I instantly became the happiest person in that moment. The only dress code in my office is to wear collared shirts and never forget your socks at home (there are times tho that I'm a rebel- no socks and folded pants).


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I prefer casual clothes over corporate wears; I feel uncomfortable whenever I'm wearing anything that's formal (i.e. long-sleeved polos with hard collars). I always try to look as dapper as possible but I always end up looking ragged lol WHY? Anyway here's what I usually wear in the office! Plaid polo won't ever fail you so I suggest stock up on this! It's also flexible as you can wear it on a day/night out with friends or in this case, in the office.

Jag jacket | Penshoppe polo | SM Department Store leather belt | Oxygen pants | Shoelution shoes

The only challenge in having no prescribed uniform is how to maximize the small number of clothes I have lol


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