Friday, February 21, 2014


Thought of making a new segment on the blog so here's Food trip Fridays! Because of the heavy work load, Friday is the only day of the week when I can go out with friends after work. We usually have dinner and discover a new restaurant/fast food chain so I thought of sharing it with you guys! Not really good in giving food reviews as I tend to like everything I eat (lol EAT ALL THE FOOD #fatassproblems) but I'll try my best and will also consider what my friends have to say!

First of this series, Quiznos! According to its website, Quiznos "offers over 25 flavorful chef-inspired menu items, including grilled flatbreads, salads and wraps." They also offer all-natural chicken, freshly-sliced deli meats, artisan breads and cheeses. Enjoy!

Garlic Steak

Chicken Ranch & Swiss

Honey Mutard Chicken

BBQ Chicken Melt

Chicken Carbonara

My rating: 3.5/5

Check out their website for the full menu and store locations!


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