Saturday, January 25, 2014

Travel Diary: Baguio 2014

I finally have the luxury of time to blog about our recent Baguio trip! Been very busy and stressed because of work but hey I'm not complaining! Especially because I just got my first pay check the other day */cries* Feels so good to earn from your own hardwork!

I've been a house bum since the last week of October and was in dire need of a vacation away from that vacation. Been pleasing my parents to bring us to Baguio because I wanted the cold weather so bad and good thing my pleasing ability worked! The last time we were there was also in January of 2012 (photo dumps here and here.) and I can say that this and February are the best months to pay a visit since the weather gets really cold! Didn't tour a lot for we have been to almost all the tourist spots already during our last visit (and the driver we hired didn't know every corners of Baguio boo!) so we just went on a food trip and ukay/factory outlet shopping.

Camp John Hay at night! They still have this Christmas exhibit going on. So festive!

2nd time to ride a banca in my entire life! Didn't get to try this during our last visit coz of the freaking cold weather but we just had to try it this time! I swear we were all freezing.

Cool kids skateboarding with the light posts as their only light source

The infamous Buttered Chicken from Good Taste! I don't find it very appetizing though. But the number of people wanting to have a taste of this was a major blockbuster!  We waited in line for about 30 minutes and another half an hour to get our orders.

Random photo of Ariel Rivera in one of the shops at Session Road lol

Hey guys! Here's a perfect Valentine gift for your girl! :D

Pizza Volante aka the best pizza in Baguio!

Pizza Marengo! OMG

*I-forgot-its-name* pasta

Pasta Putanesca

There's always a room for desserts! My favorite- Choco Vanilla Affair! Imagine eating a warm, freshly-baked mug cake and cold ice cream. NOM NOM

Huge Belen in front of The Mansion

Factory Outlet shops at Camp John Hay

Will never get tired of these Pine trees

When in Baguio, eat Strawberry taho

and Strawberry ice cream (even if it's freezing cold already!)!

All the beautiful flowers are found in Baguio

Mines View Park! 

A trip in the Summer Capital wouldn't be complete without Ube Jam as a treat! Why hello there Good Shepherd!

We arrived quite late so the main shop is closed already but they opened this extension shop so people can still buy pasalubongs!

Oh, sunset.

Sunday Mass at Baguio Cathedral. First time to visit this! 

They have this room that serves as sanctuary for the past parish priests I guess?

I was also able to visit for the first time Bell Church, a Chinese temple situated at the Northern side of Baguio. Was so amazed by the intricate design of the buildings that's adorned with bells and dragons. Literature about the history of China is engraved on walls and giant Buddhas stand on corners.

The place is situated on a mountain so expect a lot of stairs-climbing!

Beautiful arch upon entering the area.

Every detail counts.

Houses on top of the mountain! I wonder how cold the weather gets up there.

Lol I guess my sister packed for Paris, not Baguio...

The building that's located on the topmost part of the compound. Didn't get to climbed up there anymore

...but was able to pose for a turista photo.

One of my favorite photos from this trip has got to be these water lilies! 

Ending this post with my new found friend! He was crying the day we were about to leave. I can tell because he kept on barking as if telling me to come back! Well I did come back about 4 times just because I don't want him to be sad lol and took a photo of him, of course :D

January is indeed a busy month for me as I just started working (and will start working out soon, I promise). I'll make a separate blog post about my daily battle going to work and how I am adapting to all the major changes in my life and adjusting to my new environment.


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