Saturday, May 4, 2013

Travel Diary: Ilocos Day 2

Started the day by visiting a church called St. Andrew Parish in Bacarra also known as The Domeless Belltower of Asia. Such a coincidence that our parish is also of the same name! It used to be a three-storey establishment with a giant bronze bell that could be heard at a radius of 10 kilometers before it suffered a major destruction caused by an earthquake during 1931 that sheared off its topmost (the dome) part that’s why it’s called Domeless Tower of Asia. The fallen parts now artistically surround the tower, as if placed there on purpose.

I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the church itself. I was too amazed by this belltower.

Burgos Light House. It is considered as the highest elevated, still original and active Spanish era lighthouse in the country. You can tell that it’s been there for decades because of the rusty look of the establishment, the materials used, and the feeling when you’re up there. You know that feeling, too, right? When you’re in an old place?

Picturesque view from above. I hope it's more spacious enough to have a picnic up there! Imagine having lunch with this as your view and the cool wind blowing in your face! Perfect.

Few meters away from the light house is Kapurpuran Rock Formation. “Kapurpuran” means “kaputi-putian” or white in Ilokano, and is called as such because of the white limestone formations within the area. It’s a sort of adventure to get up close to the main site for you have to walk your way through it. There’s a horse ride for Php50 down there but I guess it’s more fun if you take the hard way.

Walking towards the sites.

Here's one of the many white rock formations. Mother nature is such an amazing artist, yes?

After our short adventure to Kapurpuran, we then headed to the place I've been wanting to visit since forever - Bangui Windmills! *insert a very happy face here* I don’t really know the reason why this place is on my bucket list..

There are a total of 21 windmills situated on the shoreline of Bangui. Too bad they weren't working on our visit due to a power interruption! They continuously provide clean, cheap, and renewable energy for the province. The electricity in Ilocos is cheaper than in any other places!

Yup, endured the scorching heat just to have a photo with the windmills as the background! 2:00pm sun, you're welcome!!

We segued at Bukal ng Buhay which is believed to cure one's illnesses once you drink the running water coming from the mountain.

And I just had to try it! The water is so cold, as if it directly came from the fridge! And it doesn't taste like a river water or something but rather tastes like a mineral water because it is a mineral water after all.

Just one of the rivers-under-the-bridge that is visited to have a picnic. You can go down and cross the river but we decided not to because we're all tired from all the walking we made that the gushing waves might take us to the salt waters. Lol

Ended the day at Pagudpud, the Boracay of the North. Fell in love with the beach right away! Enjoyed playing with the big waves!

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