Friday, May 3, 2013

Color my summer

SM Accessories wayfarers | Folded and Hung shirt and shorts | from Vigan fedora hat | Crocs shoes

Didn't realize that the girl on my shirt is actually Lady Gaga until I saw the photos! Where is she now, by the way? Haven't heard of her for a long time. I'll update you on my next post if she replied already to my email. For now, here's a simple getup on our 2nd day of tour/adventure in Ilocos! Since it's summer, I'm trying to wear something colorful; taking a break from my usual black-and-white and blue-and-beige combo. Decided to wear white so that sweat won't be too obvious on my shirt while walking under the scorching sun. Who would want that anyway?! Shorts instead of pants for me to be able to move more freely and comfortably. Stocked some bracelets to complete the outfit. Travel in comfort and style!

How's your summer so far? Feel free to comment below!


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