Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I’ve been planning to print my own photographs and post them on my bedroom wall but time won’t permit me to do so. Sunday is my only rest day since I have school from Monday to Saturday, so there’s really no time for me to go to printing shops. Luckily, the universe conspired with my favor and won Glenn’s print giveaway last November 16.

You know that feeling when you had a very long, tiring day and something awesome happened? I came home from practice for our organization’s General Assembly (watch our performance here haha) last December 7 and found out that the package has arrived! :D As a person who loves gifts, I wasted no time and opened it. It contains 50 photoraphs, a book and a shirt.


I then posted the photographs on my bedroom wall the next morning!


I strategically formed a Christmas Tree since its holiday season! Please don’t hate me.


I’ve read the book already but don’t have a copy of my own so I was really happy that this is one of my prizes!


Can’t wait to wear this statement shirt! :D

I have a goal of filling the walls of our home with my own photographs so I’ll start working on it ASAP! Again, thank you Sir Glenn of pseudoperfection!


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