Monday, October 15, 2012


Well hello there semestral break (though I can’t say it’s official until I see my grades)! Iswear this was my most petiks sem ever! Residing at a place that’s 2 jeepneys and 6 LRT stations away from your school is not easy. The long travel tires the heck out of me thus I just clean myself, change clothes and go to sleep after I get home (PM class right here). It took me a while to adjust so you can’t really blame me. But I tried to wake up early and do my duties as a student :p

Being an Accounting student is not easy. Though Accounting problems usually *just* includes basic mathematical operations, solving them is not like just eating a piece of cake. It requires imba analytical skills, deep comprehension and critical thinking (well most of the courses do).

G2000 blazer | Giordano shirt | Wrangler khaki | Sebago docksides | Axis watch

The recent CPA board exam showed that 5 Thomasians made it to the top 10, 2 of them being the top 1, both having an average of 94.14%. Total passing rate is 93.09% - 377 out of 405 examinees. I can’t help but to be proud and inspired!! I promise to do my best so that someday, I will also become a Certified Public Accountant! WAIT AND SEE!

Btw, can this look pass as a corporate world attire? :D


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