Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weekend photo diary

This is how I spent my rainy Sunday.

No, that’s not beer belly that’s on Miko (farthest left). He just stole some goods from the grocery.

Had a mini-reunion with high school friends last Sunday! We seldom see each other because of our very busy and contradicting schedules. I can’t even remember our last get-together, so it was really a reunion! Well, sort of. Also a post birthday celebration of the four of us in the group so we treated the rest to lunch at Sbarro. What should a typical group of friends do when they finally go out after a long time? Catch up! We were all so behind each other’s stories! Sharing endless laughters, making fun of each other, laughing out loud like dining in a carinderia… it feels so nice to be with your long-time friends!

And oh, I installed Disqus on my blog so you may now post comments if you want! You can see the comment box at the end of this post. Thanks to my friend Donna for telling me to do so!


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