Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend photo diary

Guess how did I spend my weekend?

Ha! Eating of course! My ombre-haired friend Marion and I treated our friends to an all-you-can-eat-cake at Dominic Cafe by TCB (just when we thought that our birthday treats ended already. Lol). But before satisfying our ravenous tummies with those ambrosial delights (gusto ko lang talaga sabihin yung ravenous at ambrosial), we first watched the indie film Intoy Syokoy - a story about mussel farmers and true love. And the night before this day, I was able to watch The Animals wherein I can’t get over of how good the film was! Well because I can relate myself with it. The story evolves around today’s generation and social issues.

Going back, it’s my 2nd time to try “unli-cake” (first was at Cravings) and I swear it’s so hard to contain everything that’s offered! They have 12 flavors to choose from but I was only able to eat 4 slices (and tasted the ones my friends got). Those four slices of heaven all tasted good! If you are a cake-loving person, you’ll surely enjoy this. They also serve hot and cold coffee, depending on what you prefer, to ease your umay-ness haha.

If you are planning to visit, Cafe Dominic is located inside the walls of Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City. P200/person, good for 3 hours. They serve pasta as well! Just a tip: for you to taste every flavor, divide a slice of cake into two and share it with your friends so that you won’t easily get full. This applies only to those who have companions. Lol


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