Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Everytime my birthday falls on a school day, I always get this feeling of not wanting to go to school. I don’t know why but I get quite shy when people greet me “Happy birthday!” especially when the whole class sing for you a happy birthday song! Funny, coz I’m far from being that type of person (my friends can tell!), it only happens during this certain time of my life. It’s as if I’m about to perform in front of 18,200 people at Madison Square Garden. My hands are getting cold, my voice cracks as if I’m Stu- stu- stu- stuttering. There’s so much that I wanna say, but something’s getting in my way.I’m Stu- stu- stu- stuttering.

Aside from all the personal greetings I received yesterday, some of my friends surprised me! I quite figured out that they’re cooking something for me though, haha! Lovely (third from left) sent me two wrong messages! Hahaha funny! But I tried not to expect cuz I don’t wanna be hurt when it won’t happen. But it did! So thank you friends! I was really surprised! As innn!! I really have no idea about this!

We then went to Main Building for the ID machine to greet me LOL the one in our building isn’t functioning yet but I just have to experience this, so yeah. It doesn’t only flashes “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” on screen, it also talks! It’s so ozzzzzzmmmmm! This feature of the machine is still pretty new so now’s the only time I’ve got to try it and I feel so pleasured that I get to experience this before I graduate hahaha. Again, thank you to everyone who greeted me! You made my day extra special!

“At home, one relies on parents; away from home, one relies on friends.” - Chinese proverbs


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