Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Too lazy to think of a good title

Topman jacket | Lacoste polo shirt | Wrangler khaki pants | Brazilian brand shoes from Shoelution

First day in HK! First of all, my eyes are like that cuz I wasn’t able to get some sleep before our flight. Dunno why. It’s not because of excitement, I can tell. The pants actually belong to my dad but since he’s not using it anymore, I decided to arbor it, haha. Just have it altered so that it will fit me perfectly :) I got these pair of studded brogues while I was in Greenhills with friends. They are 50% off! Definitely a steal! As I was shopping in Mong Kok, salesmen and salesladies of shoe stores kept on staring at ‘em for more than 5 seconds lol. Let’s just say that HK don’t have these kind of shoes since they’re only available in Brazil as said by Shoelution’s salesladies. (I feel so cool having these hahaha) More on our first day on my next post!


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