Friday, February 7, 2014


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Cotton On plaid polo | Sweat shirt | Forever 21 jacket | Vans shoes
(Lol my cheeks look sore because of braces)

I dream of living in a place where no one gives you judging looks because you wear layers and layers of clothes. I tried to picture myself as a native of Baguio and all I can see is me in this getup everyday—like most of the people living there. IMO, cold weather is a lot more bearable than high temperature. The only challenge to face is taking a bath, but heaters exist anyway so less first world problems!

The universe did not conspire in my favor about the cold weather to stay forever. It’s getting hotter as the day passes by and I’m already afraid of the day when going out of the house at noon would be totally impossible because of the scorching sun. Good thing the ventilation in my office is a hundred percent (that is to say, I can still wear jackets)! 


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