Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to survive the cold weather

Guess who's enjoying the cold weather a lot?? *raises hand* cold weather calls for an ensemble that will keep you warm! Nothing like being in your 3/4s or hoodies! In this post though, I am wearing both!

Aside from basic short-sleeved t-shirt, every man must have a 3/4 shirt. No styling is needed with this one. Just let it hang loose and you're good to go!

I also wore a jacket because I was bound to a cool place. The undershirt is of just a light fabric so this isn't really heavy layering. I made sure that both of them are in Black because black looks good! Lol jk, this color absorbs all the colors of light thus producing warmth/heat! Hashtag what i learned in physics.

You can let the jacket open or zip it up like this! The yellow details and print of this jacket gave the outfit a life, yes? Imagine if I was wearing a plain black one instead, that's beyond boring! I also wore a hat to at least keep my head warm! Lol was that really my purpose?

Zara Man shirt

Penshoppe jacket

Fedora hat gift from Kamille and Daisy

Folded and Hung jeans | Wade shoes

Wearing jeans after a long time coz SM has declared July as jeans month! I just thought of participating lol what do you think about the look? Feel free to comment below.


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