Saturday, May 18, 2013

Birthday suit

Top, shorts and shoes all available at SM Department Store.

Nope, I'm not naked in this post like the usual birthday suits. Neither it's my birthday but my dad's 52nd and my granddad's 80th! It was held at a resort so I came up with a summery getup! Anyway, everything I'm wearing here can all be found inside SM Department Store! There are really great treasures inside department stores, you just have to have a keen sense of sight! I don't normally go shopping there before cuz I used to (and still, sometimes) collect paper bags from different boutiques, lol so weird!

I just started my on-the-job training this week -- it's pretty stressful but at least I get to dress properly everyday meaning I can update this blog at least twice to thrice a week, hopefully! Also, it's starting to rain so we can already wear sweaters, jackets and hoodies! Hooray!


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