Thursday, February 21, 2013

Instagram instadam: January 2013

I just realized upon doing this post that most of the photos in this set is food. I guess you have to get something to wipe off your saliva as you go over this post. Can't believe we're almost done with February!

1.) Matching outfit with my kapatid sa noo, Billy Crawford.

2.1) Ryu Ramen and Tantanmen at Ryu Ramen and Curry. YUM

2.2) These and the ramen above are all birthday treat of my friend, K.

3.) Sweetness overload at Love Desserts! I could stay here forever! Or not. Good luck naman sa ngipin ko!

4.) Newest home to my DLSR! It looks big in picture but its just so perfect for my camera. Got it from Artwork for a real affordable price.

5.) Found a new study haven just around the vicinity! Uy, feeling studious. Coffee + pasta. Why not?

6.) Lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop. I have a goal of dining-in at every food establishments inside UST before I graduate.

7.) Karaoke night at Karaoke Republic with my first ever college barkada. There's never a dull moment when we're together. Sounds cheesy, but true. Night out in my school uniform. That's so hipster of me.

8.) A slice of Blueberry cheesecake from Conti's. Nom

9.) Celebrated the first birthday of my instagram on January 21st at Onaka Ippai. Yup, I celebrate everything.

10.) 3 boxes of pure happiness. Or fattiness. Lol didn't feel any guilt though.

11.) Marble brownie ala mode from Shakey's. Sigh, I love you.

12.) Throwback thursday: Baguio 2012. I wanna go back and wear at least 3 layers of clothes. Haha! Why can't it be sweater weather all through-out the year?! I love summer though. Oh, beaches. See you soon!

13.) Ending this post with this picture, also from Baguio. Yes, I used to be that big! And I was already wearing all black, nyay!


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