Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hong Kong day 3

The main reason for our trip was to celebrate the Silver Wedding Anniversary of my parents. 25 years! I am praying for 75 more years :) Anyway, for our third day in HK, we just went to Mong Kok for cheap finds. Mong Kok is the foreign counterpart of Divisoria and 168. Lots of ukays, tiangges, Nike botiques and more! Upon arriving there, I noticed this sign in one of the shops. I don’t know if it’s spelled wrongly or there’s a meaning behind it. Hmmm.

I said to myself that I should try their milk tea. I’ve been looking for it since day one but I can’t find any- only in Mong Kok I was able to find one! T’was only HK$12, quite cheaper compared to the milk teas here in the country.

How I wish Mcdonald’s here will soon offer this Chicken McGrill! Delicioso!

See! Mong Kok is really much like Divisoria! When we arrived, we thought that these booths just closed- but they are just setting up pala! Tiny drops of rain started to fall again but it did not stop us from shopping!

We went back to the hotel around 3 in the afternoon because Bryan said that we should be at the airport by 4. While waiting, I went to the Sky Garden floor of our hotel to take a picture of the swimming pool.

And guess what!! Our flight was delayed by 4 hours!!! Had we known earlier, we should have stayed longer in Mong Kok! But it was an unexpected event… so yeah. To compensate for our delayed flight, (or in Layman’s term, pampalubag-loob) weeach received HK$75 worth of food vouchersSpent them for dinner at a Chinese(?) restaurant called Tian Xia dumplings, and used the remaining amount to buy cakes, muffins, and frappucino at Starbucks.

Ending this post with an aerial shot of Manila (I guess :p) at night.

Again, I hope I gave you atleast a taste of what’s Hong Kong like! :)


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