Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hong Kong day 2

Can I just say that Hong Kong people are very helpful and sweet. Everytime I ask random people on the street, they try to answer even if they can’t find the right words to say. And they always say “thank you” instead of me saying it and “buh-bye” afterwards. Cute, right? But there are also some who are somewhat always mad, especially the ones in Mong Kok. Meeting eyebrows (salubong na kilay :p). High-pitched voice. They frightened the heck out of me. I was really afraid not to buy the thing I bargained from them, thinking they might call goons and destroy me mercilessly in front of many people. Seriously.

Well anyway, started our second day by having breakfast at this cafe located just around our hotel. Had sausages, eggs, toasted bread and a cup of coffee.

We set our mandatory city tour during this day, starting with The Avenue of Stars (again!). It was drizzling when we got there but it stopped after a few minutes. Thank God. If it didn’t stop, our tour would have been ruined. I just had to take a picture of this familiar cafe back in the Philippines.

While walking around and taking pictures of everything, I came across these two girls with really cool outfits so I just have to steal a shot. Street fashion photography lang!

We then went to a jewellery shop where we end up leaving empty-handed, hahaha. The salespeople there are so proud that Manny Pacquiao once visited and bought something from them. They even have a framed picture of him in one of the rooms. It was 7 years ago and he really looked young in that picture (not that he looks old now, lol). Excuse the photo below, that’s the most decent I was able to take.

Awesome chandelier at the lobby!

Honestly, we felt that our time was just wasted in that shop. Stayed there for atleast 30 minutes, I think, before heading to Jumbo Kingdom - where you can see lots of floating restaurants! There’s also the presence of wifi so you can instantly upload pictures directly to your facebook/twitter/instagram! Like what I did, lol.

Few meters away from it is the Ocean Park! The dragon landscape is too awesome not to notice! Beside it is the famous cable car where you get to experience a picturesque view of Aberdeen.

Bryan, the other tourist guide, who resembles so much my former Marketing professor, asked us if we are hungry already. Of course we said yes cuz it’s nearing lunch time by then. So I thought he’s bringing us to a restaurant, but no, he brought us to this store that offers free taste of everything they sell! Yeah, every effin’ thing!! Who says there’s no free lunch? :p Below are just some of the free food. Too busy eating to take pictures, haha.

So here’s me shamelessly trying every single food I see. My mouth’s so full I can’t smile naturally! I asked if they do have a free taste of water since its quite expensive in there. Sadly, none.

After buying food, merchandise and souvenirs, we’re now off to the happiest place on earth… Disneyland!! Where age doesn’t matter because everyone instantly turns into child!

After Disneyland, we went to Tsim Sha Tsui for some serious shopping. Serious talaga? Rode the very cute train with mickey mouse shaped windows- well you can see mickey almost everywhere in Disney.

Random guy in the train who’s got a real nice boots and socks! I really wanted to ask him where’d he buy those shoes but afraid that he might not understand me.

After Tsim Sha Tsui, we went back to the Avenue of Stars to watch a light show happening at 8pm. As we find a perfect spot, we saw a fellow Filipino and asked her about the show, and said there is none for that night. I was a bit disappointed. I don’t want to believe her- Mr. E.Y. said there will be a show- but I realized that she’s staying there for years and we just stayed there for days. And then rain started to fall so we have no choice but to ride a taxi going back to the hotel :(

Our 2nd day lasted earlier than our first- at 8pm we were already in our hotel rooms. I was tryin’ to force them to go to Mong Kok or Ladies Market but they are too tired already. No choice but to sleep… after taking pictures of the left, right and far right side views from our room.

3rd and last day on my next post!


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