Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hong Kong day 1

Just when I thought my summer vacation would end up without having a real vacation comes this out-of-the-country trip! Now my vacation’s complete, lol. Our flight to HK was supposedly at 8am but ended up at 10! I hate you, PAL. Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took starting with the obligatory photos of the fluffy clouds and the vast sky.

Upon arriving at the Hotel, we did not immediately roam around the city. Instead, we rested for a while and started touring in the afternoon. We had early dinner in a Chinese restaurant where the waitresses are very careless and clumsy. And I mean VERY. As they pour the soup to the bowl, a fourth of it goes on the table. I was endlessly cursing them at back of my mind. Just kidding. They, as most of the people in HK, do not understand English. Everytime we ask them about the dish being served, we got nothing. Mr. E.Y. (which according to him means Enjoy Yourself), one of our two tourist guides, is the one who translates for us. Really such a great help.

Too hungry to check if the photos are good or not. Haha and wasn’t able to take photos of the other food!

Immediately after eating, we went straight to Victoria Peak and entered Madam Tussauds, a museum that contains wax figures of known celebrities (will make a separate post!)

My family with Mr. E.Y. :)

It was so foggy up there I wasn’t able to take sharper images with my kit lens. :( I hope these can give justice to the beauty of Victoria Peak though!

Ending this post with the pictures from our last stop, Avenue of Stars. Very scenic view from there! <3

Wish that I’ve given you a taste of Hong Kong through these pictures. More on may 2nd and 3rd day posts!


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