Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Black x Blue

Went to Trinoma yesterday together with my highschool friends. I forgot when was the last time we met! We definitely missed each other. Had lunch at Bon Chon and watched The Hunger Games (yeah we’re that losers). I liked the movie. It’s deep yet easy to understand. I’m not yet done reading the book (still on the 5th chapter haha) and I can feel the need to finish it already!! Well in movies-based-from books, expect changes. In the book, If I remember it correctly, the one who gave the Mockingjay pin to Katniss was the Mayor’s daughter, Madge. But in the movie, Katniss bought it from someone…. am I right? Please forgive my 10-second memory. But the pin was originally from Madge’s aunt, maybe she was the old lady to whom Katniss bought the pin? Ugh I’m lost. It’s not easy to understand pala lol haha. I should really finish reading the book ASAP!

How’s your summer so far? :)


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