Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baguio Day 3 Happy birthday, Ate!

**This post has been in my drafts for weeks!! Please forgive my stupidity. This was on the 23rd of January.

One of our errands for this trip is to go to different churches. On our second day, we were able to visit St. Joseph. During this day, we were able to visit two more – Pink Sister’s Convent, our first stop, and Our Lady of Manaog Church, our last. We also went to Strawberry farm and to Lourdes Grotto.

This trip came just in perfect time. After all the stress I’ve got from school came this hassle-free 3-day vacation with my family. What a great way to escape from all the pressure, strain and tension (okay parang isa lang naman yung meaning nila haha) life is giving me. Looking forward for more trips like this.

Wanted to bring them home!!

Ate, Kuya, Cielo and I were able to reach the top of the Lourdes Grotto. 261 steps, baby.


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