Monday, December 19, 2011

Portage Indians

Went to another Christmas Shopping/bonding with la familia. There were a lot of people in the mall it makes me sick. The mall was jam-packed maybe because people knew I’m coming hahahahaha lol I can already visualize how malls would be like during Christmas Day where people would come and watch the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. What you guys planning to watch first? :) I’m thinking of Enteng Ng Ina Mo and prolly Segunda Mano.

It was cold that day cuz it’s raining so I pulled of this hoodie that I got from a thrift shop!

Hoodie + skinny jeans + Skytop shoes = Lakas maka-Justin Bieber ng suot ko hahaha

Let’s all pray that it won’t rain on Christmas Day!

Anyway, I’m joining Flying Dutchman Shoes giveaway. The comment with most likes will win a pair of shoes! Help me by liking their page here and liking MY COMMENT (My name’s Ralph Cruz. JSYK lol) here. My comment’s on the bottom part. Thank you and Merry Christmas!


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