Saturday, December 17, 2011

Feeling blue

Had a Christmas Party with my blockmates last Thursday at Arp’s home. It was the first out-of-school bonding of our block and we all had a  good time! Arp’s mom gave away her Winnie the Pooh collection and money money money! Lol I was able to receive 1 thousand in cash haha thank you Tita! Anyway, on to what I wore that day:

Without any reason, I decided to wear different shades of blue. I’m getting addicted with this color!

Jumpppp!! My face looks like a toasted bread.

Was supposed to go to an event in UST but I just can’t leave my blockmates. Like I’ve said, it was our first time to go out and it’s once in a blue moon! Stayed at Arp’s home from 11am til 10pm! Thank you blockmates!

Photos by Cherrie and Nikki :)


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