Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photography 101

Also part of the celebration of our College Week was RECESS - Recreational Enriching Classes for Enhancing Student’s Skills. It offered four classes: Dancing, Bartending, Nihongo, Hosting and Photography - the one I joined. The speaker of our class was Alexis Lim aka Litratonijuan (check out his tumblr!). He taught us basic photography and I really learned a lot in just the span of 3 hours! After the talk he let us take photos around our building to apply what we learned. Here are some of my shits haha

What I liked the most on our lesson was the basic editing. Can you believe that the photo above looked like this?

With the help of simple editing, I saved this over-exposed photo and turned into a, well, better one lol will definitely apply all the lessons I’ve learned on my next shots :)


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